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Our Services

Blaze Energy Group is a leader in helicopter transportation services throughout the world, transporting personnel from our onshore bases near our clients’ locations to offshore drilling rigs, platforms and other installations. Blaze Energy maintains a significant fleet of helicopters, many of which employ the latest technologies to ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers.

Offshore Transport

Helicopter transportation of personnel to and from offshore production facilities.

Onshore Transport

Helicopter transportation of personnel between onshore bases or other locations, as needed.

VIP Transport

Helicopter transportation of company officials or other key personnel, with special security precautions, if required.

We export Nigerian crude oil, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LGP) and condensates.
Our experience and knowledge of local regulations and our strong personal relationships with clients and local suppliers means that we have a strong advantage in the West African oil market. It is this knowledge and operational experience which ensures that all of our customers’ demands are met in a flexible and cost effective manner. Cargo sizes for West African Oil supply vary from coasters to larger vessels from geographic supply regions such as Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia.

Operating as an international oil trading company, we are positioned to supply various petroleum products such as Base Oils, Gasoline, Gasoil, Fuel oils and Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK). Our strong financial and personal relationships with state oil companies, international oil majors, trading houses and first class international banks enable us to source and transport oil from a wide geographic region.

In addition these relationships allow us to provide financial risk management services enabling our clients to manage price volatility in physical oil trading.

Provides services to many industries outside of oil and gas production. Blaze Energy also provides helicopter service for:
-Emergency Medical Services
-Disaster Response
-Law Enforcement

In addition, Blaze Energy provides helicopter transport service for:
Heavy lifting
Lifting of objects that weigh more than 5,000 pounds using our specialized heavy lift helicopters.

Performing helicopter winch or rescue operations to lift people, equipment or other objects, often in emergency helicopter services or situations where a helicopter would not be able to land.

Conducting helicopter sling operations, working with loads external to a helicopter or aircraft.

Forestry support
Assisting government agencies with monitoring and conducting fire suppression operations using firefighting helicopters requiring specialized training.

Pipeline inspection
Conducting aerial pipeline patrols and surveys; monitoring of oil and gas pipelines to report issues or unusual activity.

Performing aerial surveys; assisting companies in searching for oil and gas.

Assisting environmental firms with remediation projects and removal of waste materials.

Our high calibre professionals provide price risk management that is cohesive to our trading expertise.

Financial risk management is a service which we take very seriously and we continually update our risk management strategy that provides an additional layer of support for all areas of business which helps to mitigate any commercial risks.

We have speedy access to finance through a range of different banks for all trading purposes and our extensive risk management experience ensures a fully competent service for each of our customer’s transactions.

We always go the extra mile to ensure a good flow of products and assist our customers from source to supply.

Our dedicated team provides a highly effective transportation service that is both cost and time efficient and always delivers the very highest standard of customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a strong personal relationship with each client and all business associates from terminal authorities to inspection companies, we apply to every project the specific knowledge and experience gained in dealing with the complex logistics involved with optimised trading.

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